Resort Policies

To provide excellence in service, we ask that all guests respect the following policies.


In order to maintain a high standard for all campers, we only accept RV's, trailers, vans, campers, & vehicles that are aged

1995 - 2020. Vintage trailers & air streams are welcome. Your RV cannot be missing panels or parts.

Should you have any concerns or not be sure if we would accept your motorhome, please call the resort at 805-643-9137.



  • Persons must be 18 years or older to book a reservation for an RV or tent site at Ventura Beach RV Resort.

  • All minors must be accompanied by an adult while camping at the resort.

  • Parents can not book a site and then leave their minors on-site to camp alone.  

  • If you are under the age of 18, you cannot sign up for our email list, special offers, and/or promotions. We do not knowingly collect or allow the collection of personal information from persons under 18. If you are the parent or guardian of a person under 18 and believe that the person has provided us with personal information, you may contact us at and we will remove such minor(s) from our mailing list.

  • If you are booking an RV or tent site - remember your name will be on the reservation, and a resort representative will require photo I.D. when you check in to cooperate that you, in fact, booked the site and are staying on property for the duration as stated on your reservation. 

  • During our Summer Peak Season, we do not offer weekly rates, nor our Mid-Week Special. These incentives are available in the off-season to guests. For more information, please call the report at 805-643-9137 to learn more.

  • Enjoy our Early Bird Arrival Check-In for a one time fee of $20! Should your site be available before 1 p.m. the day of your reservation, you are welcome to pay a one time fee of $20 in order to arrive as early as 9:00 a.m. THIS IS SUBJECT TO YOUR SITE AVAILABILITY. You MUST have a current reservation for the day that you are seeking to take advantage of our Early Bird Arrival. This offer is not of guests seeking to stay on property for a short duration. It is reserved for current paying guests of Ventura Beach RV Resort.

  • There is a $10 per hour late check upon request and availability. 



  • We value and protect our guests' privacy. Our resort representatives do not share reservation or site information with anyone other than with the person(s) listed on the reservation. Therefore, should you wish to have someone in your party arrive early to the site you booked, their name MUST be on your reservation prior to your arrival. We do not allow others to check into sites that are not listed on your reservation. 

  • Should you have a family member or friend wishing to visit you during your stay, you will need to meet them at the store with your personal ID, and obtain a resort pass for each of your guests.  A daily fee of $15.00US dollars plus tax will be due before any guest can enter the resort.



  • All sites must be paid in full before any guest can drive onto an assigned site to set up their RV, camper van, 5th wheel, tent, and any other camping needs a guest seeks to set up on their site during their stay.



  • To ensure a safe and enjoyable stay with us here at Ventura Beach RV Resort, all guests must wear their resort pass at all times during their stay. This is to help our friendly staff members identify you as a guest of the resort. It also has many added benefits such as a delicious free pancake breakfast served every Sunday morning from 8 a.m. to 11 a.m. Free DVD rentals and billiards in our recreational room. Free basketball rentals and our free shuttle service on special weekends. With your resort pass, you can enjoy 10% off purchases at selected stores along Main street when you present your resort pass. We also have a fun centipede ride throughout the resort every Saturday and Sunday, and live entertainment every Friday and Saturday during the Summer months.

  • Children 3 and under are free. However, they will still need to wear a resort pass so we know they are a minor guest at the resort.



  • Our goal is to always provide clean and well-maintained sites. Should you arrive and find an issue on your site, please inform a resort representative so that they can have maintenance address your needs.

  • In order for our sites to remain lush and green, we ask that you do not place rugs or mats on any grass areas. Adding mats or rugs causes the green to turn yellow, and we would like every guest to enjoy our green grassy sites.

  • To maintain a lush green environment, we water various areas throughout the resort 7 days a week. Please be prepared to remove all outdoor valuables after 10 p.m. every evening to avoid items getting wet.

  • On your departure, should you leave any items such as garbage, chairs, wood, etc. on or around your site, you will be billed a $50.00US dollar site cleanup fee.

  • If you have a waste spill from your sewer and leave the resort without addressing and cleaning up the foul mess, you are liable to pay a minimum of $250.00US dollars plus tax, and unfortunately unable to camp at the resort in the future. So please, should this matter occur, come to the front office immediately to report the spill. Should you leave without cleaning or addressing the situation you will be fined as mentioned and stated as above.

  • Should you wish to expand your camping experience and add a tent to your current site, you will need to pay a $32.00US dollar fee plus tax per day to your site. Should you wish to pitch a second (2nd) or third (3rd) tent, you will have to book a second (2nd) site. We do offer the ultimate camping packages.  Should you wish to learn more, please contact a resort representative for further details.

  • If you would like to rent an RV site but wish to add two tents to the RV site instead of an RV, you will need to pay the full amount of the current tent rate per tent.  

  • At no time are guests or visitors allowed to move any fire rings. Moving a fire ring on your site will result in a $75.00US fine. Should you have any issue with your fire ring, please inform the front guest so that we may assist you.



  • Ventura Beach RV Resort is a pet-friendly resort and we welcome dogs to the property. However, for the safety and comfortability of all guests, we have a strict pet policy that rules out all aggressive breeds from entering the resort. Aggressive breeds such as American Pit Bull Terriers, Rottweilers, crosses of these two breeds, American Staffordshire Terrier, and any other breeds deemed aggressive by management, are not permitted on the property. Should you arrive with the abovementioned breeds, you will be asked to leave the resort and you will automatically lose the full amount of your reservation. Should you have any concerns about your four-legged friend(s), please contact the resort before your arrival. Thank you for understanding, and respecting the comfortability of our valued guests.

  • To maintain a clean environment, we ask that you clean up after your pets throughout the duration of your stay.  You will also need to pay $5.00 US dollars per day plus tax, per pet.  Please advise us during the booking of your reservation as to the number of pets that will be vacationing with you.  We allow four (4) dogs per site.

  • Guests should carry proof of pet's current vaccinations.

  • Guests that are unable to control their pets will be asked to remove them from the property.

  • The Resort is not responsible for the whereabouts of owners pets. Should your pet cause injury or damage to others is expected to resolve the issue directly with the injured party. The resort is not responsible for injury or damage that may occur by a pet. The pets' owner holds full responsibility for its pets.

  • Exotic pets are strictly prohibited. 



  • No electric car charging stations. You are prohibited the use of our electricity for that purpose, our sites that have full hook ups are strictly for RV, and Travel Trailers.

  • NO GOLF CARTS, 4 Wheelers, Dune Buggies on the resort. 

  • To accommodate all your vehicle(s), please book a site that comfortably fits your camping vehicle(s).  No matter the site you pick or are assigned, you are only allowed one vehicle per site. This is to ensure we are following fire emergency code regulations, as well as adding a level of comfortability for all guests. Should you be traveling and vacationing with more than one vehicle, you will need to pay for the second vehicle, which is a $10.00US dollar per day plus tax fee. Motorcycles are also $5.00US dollars per day plus tax, boats are $10.00 a day, plus tax).  All fees will be added to your reservation on your arrival. Your extra vehicle(s) will be assigned to our overflow area, which is patrolled by our friendly guest services department 24/7. 

  • No vehicles can stick out from your site into the street.  Ventura County has a strict fire and emergency exit code.  Should your vehicle(s) not fit on your site, you will be asked to move it - and you will have to purchase a car pass at $10.00US dollars per day.

  • Should you hit another RV, car, person, or other with your vehicle(s), you agree to fully be responsible for the damages and injuries reported and handle any insurance issues between parties. You also understand and agree that Ventura Beach RV Resort is NOT responsible for your wrongdoing in the above mentioned.

  • Our staff member's do not guide you or back you into your campsite. We are more than happy however to show you the site. You are fully responsible for parking and setting up your campsite. However, if your rig will fit the site you were assigned to or picked, but you can't get it in the spot yourself - we do have a licensed specialist that can assist you. Should you choose to accept assistance from our licensed specialist, you will need to fill out a liability waiver at the office, before your vehicle is moved.

  • When booking your reservation, please inform the resort representative of the length of your RV, trailer, 5th wheel, and/or other. If you do not pick your own site, you will be assigned a site that fits your rig.

  • Should you not fit in your site, please inform a resort representative so that we can look into a possible move.  We can not guarantee a successful move, however, we will do everything we can to accommodate you.



Ventura Beach RV Resort offers Cable TV in our recreational room and outside on our open-air patio only.


We do offer complimentary WIFI throughout the resort, however, some sites may experience a weaker signal at times due to the number of guests streaming throughout the resort. We encourage guests who rely on WIFI while vacationing to bring a booster with them to enhance their ability to connect with our provider. We do not guarantee WIFI on all sites. 



  • We do not give refunds on RV and tent sites. However, we do offer a transfer of payment to a future stay - equal to the amount of your current reservation.  Holiday & special events are exempt.

  • A $20.00US dollar, plus tax, a cancellation fee will apply to all transfer of dates

  • We do not give refunds for resort passes, a car passes, or other offerings that you may need to cancel. However, we do honor all guests with store credit. So be sure of how many people are in your camping party before purchasing extra items for your site.

  • In order to cancel a reservation, you will need to email the resort at 72 hours prior to your stay.

  • A staff member will email or call you back within 48 hours after receiving your email. Every guest is important to us, and your email will be addressed in the order it has been received. 

  • NOTE: All booking transfers are good for 6 months from the date of cancelation. 



  • Should you be vacationing with us during blocked holiday dates, you will need to pay for your reservation in full at the time you make your reservation. 

  • Reservations for holidays and special events are Non-refundable. Due to the popularity of the resort, we cannot make any exceptions to this policy. 

  • All holiday bookings MUST be paid in full upon making your reservation. Please call the resort for further details.



  • Check-In Time: 3:00 p.m.

  • Check-out Time: 12:00 noon.

  • There is a $10 per hour late check upon request and availability. 

  • Please see our rental page for offerings included in your stay in one of our rental accommodations.

  • We do not give refunds on rentals. However, we do offer a transfer of payment to a future stay - equal to the amount of your current reservation.  Holiday & special events are exempt.

  • A $20.00US dollar, plus tax, a cancellation fee will apply to all transfer of dates.

  • There is a cleaning fee of $50.00US for Travel Trailers and the Summer Studio and a $25.00US for Yurt Rentals.

  • Dogs are welcome, maximum of two dogs, 50 pounds or smaller, per accommodation. Dogs must be registered upon arrival at the resort. A one-time non-refundable pet fee of $50.00US will apply. Pets may not be left outside unattended.

  • All guests are responsible to bring their own food and toiletries while camping. We do have a general store on the property with basic items that guests can purchase.

  • Travel Trailer and Yurt guests are responsible for bringing their own bedding. We do not supply any pillows, sheets, or blankets for these accommodations. 



*Should you wish to apply for an extended stay here with us at Ventura Beach RV Resort you will need to contact the resort directly for an application form. ALL applicants will need to sign and return a full application in order to be considered. A credit and background check will be done on all guests seeking to apply. Should you be approved, you are responsible to pay your 30-day stay in full before your arrival at the Resort. Should you fail to do so, you forfeit your deposit of $550.00US and your application will be declined.

- Should you wish to leave earlier than your scheduled date, there are no refunds granted on remaining days not used.

- Peak Season Rates are from June 1st to September 1st each year.

- There are no discounts for guests wishing to book an extended stay at Ventura Beach RV Resort during this period. 



Here at Ventura Beach RV Resort, we strive for you to have a safe and enjoyable experience with us. That said, we have a guest service and security team on site 24 hours a day to assist you with any concerns you may have. Our guard booths are located at the front of the resort and inside our recreational room. Should you have any issues with other guests, need assistance due to an accident or otherwise, please call our Security Line at 805-368-4258. PLEASE NOTE: Ventura Beach RV Resort is not responsible for accidents, injury to guests, or loss of valuables of any kind.


Thank you, and we are looking forward to welcoming you here at Ventura Beach RV Resort.


Happy Travels,

The Ventura Beach RV Resort Team


*NOTICE: Ventura Beach RV Resort is a privately-owned property. The camper accepts camping privileges with the understanding that he or she does hereby release the campground, its officers and employees of all liability for loss or damage to property and injury to his or her person arising out of his or her use of its camping facilities, and agrees to indemnify the campground, its officers and employees, against claims resulting from loss or damage to property or injury to the person of any member of the family or guest of the registered camper arising out of the use of its camping facilities.



*Rates, terms & conditions, and resort policies are subject to change.